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Guidance FAQ's

What does a Dade Elementary School Counselor do?

The counselors at Dade Elementary School provides for the well-being of the students and promotes a positive school climate conducive to working and learning.  They provide services such as the following:

Individual guidance

Small group guidance

Classroom visits

Parent conferences

Teacher consultation

Monitor student attendance and tests data

Contact Community resources

Chair the 504 Team

Facilitate the Mentoring Program

Classroom Visits:  Counselors visit classrooms to address topics such as careers, testing, study skills, decision making, friendship, personal safety and problem solving.

Individual Counseling:  Counselors see students individually at the parent's, administrator's, teacher's or student's request.  Counselors will make referrals to outside agencies when they feel it is necessary.

Group Counseling:  Students are referred by parents, administrators or teachers to participate in small group counseling.  Group topics for this year include:

  • Grief & Loss
  • Family Changes
  • Social Skills
  • Self Concept
  • Study Skill

Consultation:  In an effort to support the Dade Elementary students, the counselors collaborate and consult with teachers, administrators, other counselors, school social workers and community agencies to help remove barriers to learning.


When should you call a Dade Elementary School Counselor?

When your child needs extra help adjusting to school.

When your child is having difficulty learning.

When family changes interfere with academic progress.

When you need help interpreting tests scores.

When you need community resources.

Please feel free to contact the Dade Elementary Counselor at:

706-657-8253 or 706-657-6165