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I graduated from Northwest Georgia High School in 1990. I went on to attend Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in early childhood education in 1994. I received a certification in the gifted field in 1999.


I have taught at Dade Elementary School as a teacher since 1995. In that time, I worked with all grade levels pre-k through 2nd grade.


I am a Dade County native. I was born and raised on Lookout Mountain in the New Salem area. One motto my Dad instilled in his girls was "If it's worth doing, do it right." Those words echo is my mind each day I work with children. Doing your best in all you do is very important. I expect each child to do his/her personal best.
I am married to Ken Goode, also a Dade native. We have three children, two daughters; Kaitlin and Gracie, and one son; Alex.