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Story Line Online

1.  Follow along as celebrities read some of your favorite picture books.

2.  After you complete a story go to the AR website and take a test on the book


Get Epic

1.  Log in to your personal profile using the following information.



2.  Click on the dropdown box and then click on your teacher's name

3.  Click on your name

4.  Read books and after you complete a story go to the AR website and take a test on the book.

Typing Club



Keyboarding Without Tears

Snowflake Designer

Design and create your own unique virtual oragami snowflake.



Create symmetrical snowflakes by experimenting with different polygon designs.

Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers

Read the story and take an AR test. 


Quiz # 19057

How to Draw Abraham Lincoln

This video is a directed drawing lesson on how to draw Georgia Washington & Abraham Lincoln.